Fishing With Radio Controlled Boats

Ever wondered if you can fish with just standing ashore and holding just a remote control in your hands? Perhaps you don’t want to rent a boat or just don’t want to carry a lot of equipment along to your favorite fishing spot. Well, then maybe you could try buying yourself an rc fishing boat, with what you would be able to catch quite big fishes and tow them ashore.

Actually there aren’t a lot of rc fishing boats for sale on the internet, but that’s probably because they aren’t so popular yet. This got me interested and I actually bought one from amazon, it wasn’t expensive (around $90 with shipping). Once I received the pack I was very excited to open it up and found out that it included the boat itself, a transmitter, one batter pack with a charger, baits and the fishing pole + instructions on how to setup everything. It was pretty straight forward to assemble it and I was off to my favorite fishing spot. I of course took with me my regular fishing rod if the boat fails to work correctly or something else happens so I don’t ruin my day at the pond.

So at the pond it’s simple, just turn on the transmitter and then then flip a switch on the boat and put it in the water. Don’t forget to setup everything, like the fishing pole and the bait. The boat handled well and the range was very good. I drove around for about 10 minutes very slowly and by my surprise something started to pull the rc fishing boat away from me. Then I slowly increased the throttle to full speed and the boat pulled the fish without any problems. When you reach land this is where it gets tricky, you have to prepare yourself with a catching net and then try to operate the boat with the other hand while you grab the fish and pull it out of the water and then release the throttle for the boat. All in all the result was somewhere around 35 ounces heavy bass. Sure it’s not a big fish, but still it’s amazing that you can catch something like this with a simple small radio controlled fishing boat.


For some this might get very interesting and definitely would be very fun with friends, while one steers the boat and the others go catch and unhook the fish from the boat. As for others you can use the boat for it’s regular fun when detaching the fishing pole, like for example giving this boat for your sons/daughters birthday and when they don’t drive it, use it for yourself or vice versa.

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