Blogger Beta – 8 new features and 8 new issues

Recently I reviewed’s Beta update. Frankly I am not sure how can something be brought back as beta AFTER releasing, but thats not the reason for writing this post. I wanted my review to be complete, so with that in my mind I wrote quite a big post, actually too big for bloggers who either don’t use anymore or who don’t like to spend time tweaking their blog templates and just want to read the latest updates in few seconds.So this post is for exactly those type of readers. Here is the list of all the cool features added by in its beta.

  1. Customisable Archive features. Better control.
  2. coComment killer. Comment feeds along with blog post feed. “Subscribe to: Post Comments” link which appears at the end of the post.
  3. Template Editor. User friendly drag-n-drop template customisation with page elements.
  4. Labels aka Categories. Easy to create and manage categories, but like Gmail, Blogger beta likes to call it “Labels”
  5. Privatise your blog. Now you can share your blogs with your family and prevent others to see it.
  6. Easy navigation for visitors. Previous and Next Post on individual post pages.
  7. Future post. Write now and publish later.
  8. Good looking Daskboard. Better blogging experience :)

Surely the new updated Blogger Beta have killed many template hacks but there are still some issues that Blogger need to take care of.

8 issues that blogger still need to take care of:

  1. FTB Blog issue. New features that depend on dynamic serving will be unavailable to the blogs (FTP blogs) that are not hosted on Blog*Spot.
  2. Edit Raw HTML for Layouts.
  3. Browser Compatibility issues. IE 6.0 and Firefox works fine but there are still some compatibility issues with Safari, Opera and few other browsers.
  4. No go for non-english users.
  5. NextBlog button still not functional on the Navbar.
  6. HTML/JavaScript seems to have some problem when javascript code is added.
  7. Archive list issue. Archive list will not display posts without titles.
  8. Not for all. Currently these updates are only for few old blog accounts and for those who have registered after beta release.

With 8 cool features and 8 issues to tackle its a Draw. Lets Hope don’t keep their old members waiting for too long for these features. This blog post is written as a part of problogger’s Group Writing Project.

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